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The Need for Paper & Print: A Valentine's Day Reminder

In a time when everyone worries that the demand for print and paper has declined, Valentine's Day is a welcome example of why the world still needs print.

A display of affection and appreciation- whether it be of friendship, of parent to child, or of romantic love- certainly loses its impact if it's sent in digital form. After all, how meaningful can the words "I Love You" be in a text? How can one compare the emotional impact of an email to the receipt of a physical card with a loving sentiment?

There is no substitute here for real paper and print.

And, as these creative wall and window displays illustrate, paper (with a little help from adhesive, die-cutting, stamping and punching), when used in multiples, can even say "love" to a broader audience.

And, what can be better than a little (or big) love?

Lv post-it heart_edited.JPG

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