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Neither rain, nor sleet...

This winter has showed us, once again, what a committed group of people work at LV. Neither historic cold weather, freezing rain, nor tons of messy snow stopped our staff from coming, from all over the tri-state area, to our facility. They came by car, bus or subway, whatever they needed to, to make sure that our customers’ work was completed as quickly and as professionally as possible. This attitude and commitment to quality has been demonstrated time and time again. Our people showed up the day after Hurricane Sandy, when we were hit hard with a 4-foot tidal wave of the Hackensack River. The water went through our plant and office, causing all kinds of damage in its path. However, our staff just kept working around the clock, even without electricity, to make sure we were back up and running as soon as possible. Winter is always a tough time to do business in the Northeast. But we are confident that our dedicated staff will do whatever is necessary, when necessary, to get the work done!!!

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