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Reflections on Graphexpo/CPP 2014

The opportunity to attend Graphexpo and CPP 2014 was an amazing thing. The McCormack Center buzzed with energy as suppliers, venders, equipment manufacturers and other service providers showed the latest and greatest in new technologies.

Even though the graphic arts industry has changed so much in the last few years, it is still showing lots of vitality and innovative opportunities.

We noticed a couple of trends in particular. One is the increased interest in digital printing technologies. These technologies call for the use of new materials-including pressure sensitive digital substrates. Luckily, here at LV we are ahead of this trend, since we carry a large inventory of pressure sensitive papers, foils and films suitable for digital printing. And, if they don’t make it, we can, with our propriety custom pressure-sensitizing methods.

The other trend we saw was an increased interest in value-added conversion and finishing services. These kinds of services are what makes print look and feel special. We are also ahead of this trend, since we provide a comprehensive array of conversion services and finishing services- die-cutting, foil stamping, perfing, cutting, gluing, transfer tape applications- to name just a few. And we have the capacity to run multi-step large projects with quick delivery deadlines. We can also provide large and small-scale fulfillment services-making us a “one-stop shop”` for all of these projects.

Who knew we could be so trendy here in Carlstadt?

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