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Transfer tape has many uses, including shelf-talkers,table tents, self-mailers and various types of packaging.  Custom pressure-sensitizing is very useful for stocks that you need to be pressure sensitive, but are not made by any of the major mills, such as Cover Weight Foil Stock, Plastics and high-end stocks such as Cranes.  For a list of our full production capacity including transfer tape and custom pressure-sensitizing, click here.

Print & Peel, one of the first companies in the country to specialize in kleenstik or transfer tape application and custom pressure-sensitizing, was merged into LV in 1994.  This merger enables us to increase our capacity for transfer tape application and enhances our custom pressure-sensitizing capabilities.   As a result, we have the ability to pressure-sensitize almost anything. We have tremendous capacity for quick and efficient turnaround on all self-adhesive applications, including kleenstik and transfer tape application.  



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