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So, what exactly IS custom pressure-sensitizing?

Custom pressure-sensitizing is the ability to make paper or products that don’t normally stick to something- stick- by coating the back with an adhesive with a release liner (or, for those of you unfamiliar with the jargon, like bumper sticker paper, with a peel-off backing, then becoming a label paper). Here at LV Adhesive, we have the proprietary know-how and equipment to do just that.

Custom pressure-sensitizing makes materials, either before or after the printing process, capable of adhering to almost anything-and as permanent or as temporary as desired. For example, we can take fine papers, such as Crane’s or hand-made papers, and turn them into beautiful custom labels and packaging materials.

And, custom pressure sensitizing can also be used to solve unusual production challenges. This mailing used a gorgeous lenticular with a non-porous substrate to create a hologram-like image. However, the lenticular could not be glued to the paper stock without showing glue marks. We used pressure sensitizing to mount the lenticular side to the beautiful four-color printed 100 # Coated Cover and trimmed the sheets to size for an eye-popping two-sided direct mail promotion.

We hope this gives you some ideas of what you can design and create with a little creativity and know-how about custom pressure sensitizing. Give us a call if you have any questions. We invented the process, and we are happy to help.

mounted lenticular.jpeg
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